*   Exterior Inspections at least once a month.

*   Interior inspections within the first 90 days.  Continued interior inspections vary per tenant.

*   Background checks, credit score, criminal, past landlord and job verification.  Tenant

screening is critical to your property, keeping it safe, clean and habitable.

*   Collect the rent in a timely manner.  If I don’t have the rent by the 8th, I post a 72-hour notice

To Pay Rent or Quit; If that doesn’t work, I file with the courts to retain possession of your

property for no extra fee, other than the court fees.

*   Monthly detailed statements are either emailed or mailed and your rent will be Direct

Deposited into your bank account if you choose such.

.    At the end of the year, I will send Owner Financials with an Itemized Breakdown of Expenses

and prepare your 1099 of Rental Income.

*   I email you pictures of your house to keep continuing communication and assurance

*   I obtain owners authorization for repairs that exceed $150.  Anything over that I must get

owner permission. (That price is flexible per your needs).

*   No advertising costs to you; I use the Internet, Craigslist, Referrals, Social Media and Signs.

*   No Management Fee when the property is vacant; only when rented do I charge 8%.  If you 

     Choose, I will pay the water, sewer, garbage bills, etc. from the rent collected and send

     you the remaining balance.
*   24 Hour Maintenance Emergency Services.

*   Professional Rental Agreements with tenants, written move in and move out inspections w/

dated photos of the property condition. (Will provide to Owner at any time).

Detailed Inventory Reports; Non-Smoking Agreement, Pet Addendums; Smoke and Carbon

Monoxide Addendums.  If applicable, Mold Addendums and Lead Base Paint Addendum.

* Prompt returned calls to tenants and owners.

Handle all tenant calls, requests and complaints.  Keeping your home in compliance with

Landlord/Tenant Laws, Fair Housing and Local Ordinances.

*   Require tenants to carry Renters Insurance adding Owners and Property Manager(s) as

Additional Insured to protect Fiduciary Interest.

* References upon Request.

 We are knowledgeable and professional; one who respects and can empathize yet stay focused in Managing your Rental.  My goal is to keep a smooth transaction with open communication with both owners and renters.  I have a fiduciary duty to you, and that is to get your place rented with a qualified tenant and manage your investment long term hassle and stress free.  We have the personnel that continue their daily tasks and capable of doing the jobs they are assigned.

New Foundations Property Management is aware that owning a rental is also a business.  A number one consideration for owners is how much cash flow will generate and ideally one would like to see an increase in revenue.  We strive in having an easy-to-read accounting system of clean financial records that are accurate and readily available to our clients.