Knowledgeable and Detailed Property Management

Tenant screening is your first defense for protecting your rental home. It may be possible to get a bad tenant out of your home, but it is not an ideal situation to be in. If you have had to evict a bad tenant you already understand. A thorough screening process results in reliable tenants that will pay on time, keep your rental in better condition and usually will rent longer.

Why New Foundations?

  • No Vacancy Fees
  • No Extra or Hidden Fees
  • No Advertising or Marketing Fees
  • No Mark Up For Property Repairs
  • Pay $0 Until Your Property is Rented

Yet Most Importantly is our Commitment,Honesty, Loyalty and Results.


Shelly is AMAZING! If she says she will do something, it gets done. We own property in Eagle Point but live in Florida. Working with Shelly has been incredible. She is our eyes, ears, and legs in Oregon! She is organized, efficient and professional. I cannot recommend her enough.

Laurie S., Southern Oregon

Shelly and her staff were amazing when we were looking into one of her rentals. Very thorough and professional. It has been almost a year now we have been renting through them. Covid hit soon after. And even during these hard times we have been shown compassion and understanding and that is highly appreciated. Thank you Shelly!

Antoinette B., Southern Oregon

Shelly is awesome !! My home was with another company in town before the owner switched to New foundations. Repairs I had been requesting for 2 years were handled in the first couple months of her being in charge. As a renter I appreciate a property management company that works for both the tenants as well as the homeowners.

Melody P., Southern Oregon

New Foundation has been the best rental company Shelly is amazing there maintenance is fast and efficient. They have amazing people skill and care to get things fixed for the convenience of the tenant. I have had zero issue and they have always been super transparent. Sadly I am moving to Alaska or I would hands down stay with this company. Before renting through anyone one else I would highly recommend working with them first.

Michael G., Southern Oregon

Very professional and honest. Shelly goes the extra mile for her owners and tenants. She always takes care of any problems that occur and will even take care of them herself. Very fair and has a big heart. I would recommend New Foundations Property Management to anyone who want the best.

Mitchell M., Southern Oregon

I am very happy after applying for some houses and feeling even discrimination, this company rented me super fast and without problems I love it, I have a new house I have a new house.

Caro-Nina, Southern Oregon